The 2019 Davenport Down?winder

To say that the conditions were marginal would be an extreme exercise in optimism. Rain pelted the 38 paddlers who were greeted by South winds (in your face!) and a seasick ocean along the 13.5 mile course from Davenport Landing to the East side of Cowells Beach. The SHEARWATER team showed in full force as all 3 team members, Kyle Smith, Josh Ryan and Josh Pederson, and shaper Nick Franco battled their way down the course.

Kyle Smith of Solana Beach took top honors in the UL division followed closely by Josh Ryan of Mill Valley who took 3rd.

Nick Franco finished 1st in the 14 foot division.

3 podium finishes for SHEARWATER was a great day.

Congrats to all the finishers. Just finishing was quite an accomplishment. Or proof that we all are crazy!

Thank you to GRWC for putting on another great event and can’t wait till next year!