The Dana Ocean Challenge

Shearwater Team members Nick Franco and Josh Ryan decided to start off the season with a new race this year. They headed down the coast in hopes of competing in the 10 mile Dana Ocean Challenge. Theywere accompanied by good friend and SF resident Brady Andrews and were put up in Seal Beach the night before the race by the legendary Doug and Denise Andrews. Huge thanks to the Andrews family for their hospitality and support. 


Unfortunately, through much confusion, Team Shearwater was not allowed to compete in the long course and was forced to compete in a short course of 4 miles. To make matters worse, although early for the long course start time, they were late for the short course start. Deciding to give it a go anyway, Nick and Josh used the race as a sprint workout and were able to finish respectably despite starting 10 minutes late. Good to get the snafus out of the way early. 


In order to salvage the trip, they decided to catch some World Baseball Classic games at Petco Park in San Diego with friends, so all was not lost.