Founded in 2016, Shearwater Paddleboards is continuously pushing the boundaries of board innovation. Inspired and influenced by all types of watercrafts and fellow craftsmen (and women), all of our boards are hand-built with the highest quality materials in Ocean Beach, San Francisco. 

About the Shaper

Nick Franco has been building prone paddleboards since 2012. Since then he has been refining his craft to create some of the fastest boards in the world. His shaping career began in the surfboard industry and transitioned to paddleboards when his personal racing needs required it. His very first board crossed the Kaiwi Channel in the 2012 M2O. In 2016, in his 6th consecutive Molokai2Oahu, Nick paddled a Shearwater UL Downwind1 to a top 10 finish and an age group (30-39) 1st place. In 2017, he finished 13th overall, was the 1st American finisher and defended his age group top honors. Nick is integral to every aspect of the building process, starting with design and prototyping all the way through to laying down the deck pad of your new board. He is heavily influenced by mentors like Danny Hess, Keoni Watson, his father Steve Franco, and gains inspiration from his family and friends, the Ghostryders Watermens Club and many of the legendary shapers who came before him. He also loves hot dogs. 


Nick Franco making his way across the Kaiwi Channel on the first Shearwater Paddleboards prototype in the 2012 Moloka’i-2-O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships.